Top Shelf Grill – hard work grows opportunity

Top Shelf Grill – hard work grows opportunity

You may have seen a blue food truck near the spray park at McArthur Park. Maybe, you bought an ice cream cone from the nearby concession stand. While services like these are often taken for granted, they don’t just appear out of nowhere. Like most business ventures, there is a good deal of risk, effort, and ingenuity involved to get them off the ground, and much more than meets the eye of your typical customer.

Christine and Andrew Edwards came to the Lac La Biche region from Vancouver Island through northern BC just a few short years ago. They fell in love with the area. With a food industry background, they were eager to take over the Plamondon Arena concession stand when the opportunity presented itself.  With comments like “this is some of the best concession food I’ve ever had,” they became an instant hit, and catering to the hockey crowd soon led to the launch of the Top Shelf Grill At The Plamondon Arena, open seven days a week between 11 am and  2 pm and 5 pm and 7:30 pm. 


Another Spoke in the Wheel

While most entrepreneurs might see this as a “big win,” team Edwards saw this as just another spoke in their wheel of business ventures.  From operating food services at the ALPAC plant for a few years to catering events for more than 400 people, they have eagerly stepped up to meet the challenge of becoming successful business operators in northern Alberta.

Today, their operations have expanded to include the Top Shelf Grill Teal Meal Mobile food truck servicing Plamondon (on Main Street) through the week and Lac La Biche on weekends. At McArthur Park, the concessions are part of a larger venture called Lac La Kayak, renting various small watercraft from waterboards to canoes throughout the summer months.

See the menu and daily specials at the Top Shelf Grill at or visit them on Facebook.

Christine and Andrew and the Top Shelf Grill Teal Meal food truck are available to cater your events in Lac La Biche County. Call or text  (780) 520-4853.

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