THINKING BIG – STAYING SMALL Makes Personal Service A Priority

THINKING BIG – STAYING SMALL Makes Personal Service A Priority

Part-time High School Job Leads to Business

Figuring out what kind of business makes sense for you doesn’t have to be complicated. Miranda Bobocel has known what she wanted to do since she was in high school. Starting as a shampoo girl, Miranda has known that hairstyling and cosmetology were part of her future. 

Since July 2021, has operated on the 2nd floor of the “Lucky 15 “building across from Home Hardware, offering a full complement of hair, nail, gel nail, body-sculpting, and teeth whitening services.


Word-Of-Mouth Key To Marketing

The business has gone well since the opening. Miranda suggests that letting people know where you are located remains one of her biggest challenges, but with a strong word-of-mouth marketing campaign, her stable of clients is steadily growing.

Keeping up with the trends in cosmetic fashion is also an ongoing challenge. Miranda keeps up on the latest styles and techniques through courses in the city and through various online options that have ramped up significantly since the onset of the pandemic.

Nailing the Colour

While almost all her clients get some type of colouring with their hairstyle, Miranda has noticed a trend in those wanting a more natural look, letting their root colouring show. Full-colour nails are in fashion, with intricate nail designs also making a comeback.

The Big Picture

When asked what the future of her business holds, Miranda says she wants to stay small. She wants to personally spend more time with her clients than they would receive in a larger salon. “A one-on-one, personal experience is her marketing advantage,” says Miranda.

To get an idea of what is possible, it’s a good idea to check out on Facebook – especially the “before and after” photos. Services should be booked by appointment about one week in advance, although more notice may be required as the holiday season ramps up. 

Contact at 780-623-8625 or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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