Plamondon Entrepreneur Still Going Strong

Plamondon Entrepreneur Still Going Strong

Tracy Lord has packed several careers into a relatively short timeframe. Born and raised in Plamondon, as a 21-year-old, she opened the Rendez-Vous Bakery in her home community, employing 14 people by the time it was sold. In 1996, Tracy moved on from the hospitality industry to start a new career with Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries, spending more than 15 years in the finance and corporate affairs departments. While she enjoyed her time with ALPAC, she was anxious to spend more time with her young family. With that in mind, and with a precedent set by her parents, she invested in local properties to rent or fix up and sell as a new source of income.

Today, while Tracy is still involved in her real estate investments, she has also found success as a real estate agent for Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty, based out of Fort McMurray. Focused on the Lac La Biche region, Tracy’s reach extends to Boyle, Grassland, and Athabasca, depending on the needs of her clients. While the economic downturn and Covid-19 may have hampered many businesses in the region, the real estate business was not one of them. Locally, the market has remained strong, with more buyers than sellers.

Tracy Lord, Seller Direct Northern Homes Realty

Let Your Real Estate Agent Work For You 

The biggest misconception by the public about the real estate business, according to Tracy, is the notion that you must call the real estate agent listed on the for-sale sign to view a property. This is not the case. Tracy points out that you can use any real estate agent to access a listing. “As a buyer, you are always better off with an agent working for you rather than one working for the seller.”

Although it’s very apparent that Tracy works hard at her profession, one of the things that she finds attractive about her job is that she can set her own hours and work as hard as she likes. At the same time, she emphasizes that you need to be very motivated and flexible to be a successful real estate agent. Tracy points out that it’s not a nine to five job. Your phone is ringing all the time. Today’s buyers have 24-hour access to information and listings online. Conversely, agents have a greater responsibility to ensure that their listings are posted on various social media and websites. You must be prepared to connect with clients using technology that wasn’t available a few years ago.

Girlz With Guitarz

And if you think that Tracy is busy enough, guess again. Music has always been a big part of her life. She is also a professional musician. If you follow the local music scene, you have probably heard of the bilingual girl band Girlz With Guitarz, including Tracy and her aunt and sister. Check them out for yourself on Youtube.

If you would like to discuss your real estate needs or find out more information about Girlz With Guitarz, contact Tracy at 780-404-6009.

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