Optimism Matters- so let’s quit complaining and do something

Optimism Matters- so let’s quit complaining and do something

Optimism is a way of thinking and seeing things; it frames your perspective. Optimists believe they have the skill and ability to make good things happen, and they are more confident.

Optimism helps people succeed

It isn’t just a forward-thinking process that makes a positive outlook. It is also a way of explaining what has already happened. One of the most significant causes of anxiety is reliving past troublesome events or hardships, seeing setbacks as a personal fault, and assigning blame- often to themselves. Instead, optimists don’t blame themselves and view setbacks as temporary. They see their abilities as a stable extension of themselves. They link any setback to a specific situation or event, not their capabilities.


Optimism makes us stronger

What are your goals? Is anything stopping you besides you? Is any pessimism healthy? If we ask ourselves, “what went wrong?” It helps us zero in on the real problem if we don’t blame ourselves and everything else, including the kitchen sink. If we ask ourselves realistically, “what could go wrong?” We can prevent problems or keep ourselves or our loved ones safe. If our perspective is that setbacks are temporary and our abilities are permanent, it helps us try again and achieve our goals.

What about business?

Business owners and operators have a LOT on their shoulders. They must deal with factors that are not in their control and find ways to persevere. As entrepreneurs, they will find a way to make lemons out of lemonade. Yes, life can throw us curve balls that seem impossible to hit, but there is always next time. Wisdom comes from experience. Wait for and expect a home run. You’ve probably heard of highly successful people who failed many times before finding a direction that worked. So…

How can you become more optimistic?

  • Don’t blame yourself for setbacks
  • Remind yourself that you can make good things happen in your life.
  • Take notice of the positives.
  • Give yourself credit for your successes.
  • Remember that setbacks are temporary.
  • Pay attention to how you talk: notice if you blame yourself or a specific event(s).
  • Build yourself up, don’t place roadblocks in your way.

Becoming optimistic is a realistic goal, and best of all, it’s contagious! Recognize setbacks, get help, rally the troops and build confidence in yourself. If we all do this, our community will be stronger and attract more of the same.

Gene Wesley is the General Manager of Community Futures Lac La Biche.

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