Lisa Roper Outdoors: Experiencing The Journey – Confronting The Challenge

Lisa Roper Outdoors: Experiencing The Journey – Confronting The Challenge

Lisa Roper’s journey to becoming an outdoors enthusiast isn’t unique. She was inspired by her father, who taught her how to enjoy and benefit from the Lac La Biche region’s spectacular natural environment. What is unique about Lisa Roper is the uncanny passion that pushes her to share her skills with anyone who takes an interest. 

A Giant Natural Playground

Lisa was born in Lac La Biche, and at an early age, she was fortunate enough to experience the boreal forest and countless lakes in the area. “It was a giant playground,” says Roper, reflecting on her youth. Her favourite times were spent with her brothers, camping, fishing, hunting, and guided by her father, learning the values and life lessons that only the great outdoors can offer.


“It was a giant playground.”

When her dad passed away seven years ago, Lisa struggled to make sense of it. In 2018, her vision became clear. She would share his values and passion for the outdoors by paying it forward and teaching others how to appreciate it as much as she does. And that was the beginning of Lisa Roper Outdoors.

Mentorship And Learning In A Safe Environment

Lisa Roper Outdoors has become a full-time occupation, creating learning opportunities and adventures for anyone interested, especially women and youth. As a passionate advocate for conservation and ethically sustainable hunting and angling, Lisa points out, “women haven’t experienced the outdoors as much as men, and most haven’t had a mentor to show them the way.” This is where Lisa Roper Outdoors makes a difference. Hunting, fishing, firearms, and archery are just a few of Lisa’s workshops and adventures offered each year in a safe, welcoming environment. More importantly, from a business perspective, the word is getting out. A recent “ladies only” ice fishing experience attracted 50 participants from Fort McMurray to Lethbridge.

“Building people up and watching them succeed is the reward.” 

Passion For The Outdoors Has No Gender

While a woman’s perspective on outdoor activities might seem not all that different from anyone’s, there are often gender-specific considerations. Lisa provides the example of using a rifle and how a woman’s physiology requires additional safety preparation and practice. That being said, Lisa Roper Outdoors is not just about engaging women – it is about sharing a passion for the outdoors with everyone. “I just do what I love,” says Lisa. “Building people up and watching them succeed is the reward.” 

When asked about the barriers of being a woman in a traditionally male environment, Lisa quickly points out that men have been extremely positive and helpful with her endeavours. She is regularly featured in industry publications and invited to make appearances at trade shows or promote hunting and fishing lodges throughout western Canada.

Between workshops and engagements, Lisa continues to challenge herself (a recent solo moose hunt in the snow and mountains was one such experience). She also enjoys being at home and is grateful for any opportunity to pass along the values she learned from her father to her own family. 

And the journey continues.

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