Electric Vehicles Make Slow Headway in Rural Alberta

Electric Vehicles Make Slow Headway in Rural Alberta

While electric vehicles or EVs are gaining some traction in larger cities (pun intended), the uptake in rural areas has been limited at best. Besides underlying philosophical and political leanings towards oil and gas-driven engines, many of us who live in northern Alberta have practical issues to consider as well, including cold-weather reliability and distances travelled, not to mention the availability of charging stations. Surveys have shown that less than 10% of Canadians considering purchasing a new vehicle are considering an electric vehicle. Among rural drivers, this percentage is certain to be dramatically smaller.

Another survey by Deloitte (Globe and Mail, Jan 25, 2022) indicated that most Canadians would feel more comfortable with EV’s that had a minimal driving range of 600 kilometres, compared to the standard 300 to 500 kilometres that most affordable EVs offer right now.  


While EV charging stations are limited in northern Alberta, most communities have at least one charging station option. In La La Biche, High Gears Touchless Wash at 9806-99 Ave has a charging station available to the public advertised as “free with $16 carwash. Check with High Gears for more details.

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