Dylan’s Things To Do

Dylan’s Things To Do

Growing up in the Lac La Biche region, I often heard people say, “there’s nothing to do in LLB.” While the statement is still one I hear, I no longer agree with it.

Since I started working at our local Community Futures office, some of my responsibilities include creating content for the MainStreet Lac La Biche website, and most of that content includes events, activities, and things to do in the Lac La Biche region. When we were deciding on the layout of the events page, it was questioned if we should even have a calendar layout as it would most likely look empty and barren. We were completely wrong.


The issue is not that there is nothing to do in LLB; the “things to do” in LLB were so plentiful, it was a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, the MainStreet site can organize our community events in one convenient location. The events are also searchable and filters allow you to quickly find something to do.

Over many years, the idea that “there is nothing to do in LLB” has been engraved into our minds. This has motivated me to create a monthly article highlighting events that are upcoming, interesting, or important.

Each of us can create a more engaged and entertaining community; we just need to change a few old attitudes and mis-perceptions. As locals, we should be “in the know,” enjoy our community, and be ready to share with visitors what is going on. 

If you have any suggestions for events in our area or other story ideas don’t hesitate to contact me. 
Visit our events calendar at www.mainstreetlaclabiche.com!

Dylan Craig is the Business and Community Economic Development Coordinator at Community Futures Lac La Biche.

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