Dylan’s Things to Do – Festival of Trees November 25-28th

Dylan’s Things to Do – Festival of Trees November 25-28th

The Festival of Trees has always been one of my favourite events hosted in our county, and I always look forward to the unique and interesting trees put on display by local businesses. While The Festival Trees is a joyful and fun event, it also gives hope and love to those who need it most. 

This annual event provides for many of our non-profit children groups, school clubs and music programs. Because this event supports our community non-profits, The Festival of Trees does not charge for admission. Instead, they ask you to donate food items, a new toy, men’s and women’s personal-care items, used winter clothing, socks, undergarments etc. These items will be donated to Waskaysoo Community Food Bank, Santa’s Helpers, and Lakeland Out of the Elements Society.


The Festival of Trees takes place from November 25th to 28th in the Devon Room at the Bold Center. In addition, the Christmas Shopping Extravaganza will be set up from November 26th to 27th in the same facility, with the 26th being reserved for seniors to take a sneak peek. 

If you are interested in donating a tree or door prize, please contact:

Tara Bergeron


Claudette Dube

Dylan Craig is the Business and Community Economic Development Coordinator at
Community Futures Lac La Biche

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