Dylan’s Things To Do

Dylan’s Things To Do

Waste Reduction Weeks Offers Opportunities for Personal and Economic Growth

Starting Monday, October 18, 2021, Waste Reduction Week will take place throughout Lac La Biche County. This week-long event highlights and promotes environmental awareness and sustainability in our community. 

Lac La Biche County is well known for its beautiful scenery and wildlife, enticing people to make this region their vacation destination. This means that preserving nature is not only about environmental sustainability; it is a critical business sustainability issue as well. As many residents know, the blue-green algae problem in our lake seems to worsen every year, primarily due to pollutants through human impact. The increase in harmful algae reduces our ability to enjoy one of our most spectacular natural resources. It also impacts the number of days tourists stay in our area, spend money and support our economy. 

image courtesy of photo contestant Teresa C.

During Waste Reduction Week, I encourage as many people as possible to become better environmental stewards. Take part in at least one of the events to learn how they can assist in preserving our local natural resources.

One such event is the vermicomposting workshop. On Tuesday, October 19, join the Lakeland Industry and Community Association (LICA) at 6 pm to learn the basics of year-round composting using one of nature’s best composters, worms.

Composting is a great way to turn organic waste into fertilizer that can be utilized for indoor plants or your garden in the spring. At this workshop, you will build the vermicomposting bin that you can take home. 

For more information about future programs email green@laclabichecounty.com or call (780) 623-6739.

Dylan Craig is the Business and Community Economic Development Coordinator at
Community Futures Lac La Biche

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