Continental Divide Beading Co

Continental Divide Beading Co

Conversations Lead to Successful Side-Gig

Starting a new business is not always the result of a great deal of planning. Sometimes, everything just seems to fall into place. For Kayla Tkachuk, this was indeed the case. While on maternity leave from her job, she attended a brunch with a few friends. The conversation led to an invitation to participate in a Ribbon Skirt workshop at the Native Friendship Centre. At the workshop, she discussed other courses, particularly beading workshops available through the Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC). Taking inspiration from her Métis heritage and a few instructional videos and books, Kayla was on her way to developing the skills she needed to create a successful side-gig business named Continental Divide Beading Co.

Themes From Nature

Since September 2021, Kayla has created and sold jewelry online through her Facebook page and in-person at events like the recent Christmas Extravaganza held at Lac La Biche’s Bold Centre. To date, designs take their theme from nature, reflected through the names of her collections, including Snowy Owl and Great Plains.


The Journey Continues

Although the business is still in its infancy, Kayla hopes to expand her offerings to flat-stitch beadwork on items like moccasins and even dabble in the creation of hand-crafted soap. Needless to say, It will be interesting to see where her journey will lead.

To learn more about the Continental Divide Beading Co or purchase Kayla’s most recent creations, visit Facebook at: or call her direct at (780) 623-0460.

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