Connecting With Past Leads To Business Opportunity

Connecting With Past Leads To Business Opportunity

Chelsey Supernault didn’t have the idea of starting a business when she watched a TikTok video demonstrating a macrame project. It was more about stirring up some beloved memories of her youth and spending time with her mother, who enjoyed the craft many years ago. The experience inspired her to pick up the hobby again; and before she knew it, she had completed her first project.

In November 2021, with encouragement and technical expertise from her daughters, Chelsey was reluctantly convinced to take photos of her work, post them on Facebook and Instagram, and Rustic Sparkle Designs was born. Orders started to come in right away, and from her dining room table, Chelsey made enough money in those first few weeks to do all her Christmas shopping.


When things slowed down in January, Supernault spent time on research and development, like working on different types of knots and experimenting with different kinds of cords from a variety of distributors. Soon she had enough work completed to set up a booth at the Indigenous Peoples Day market, that happened this past spring.

Chelsey emphasizes that she takes the time to consider the client’s personality and individual needs before designing each creation. And while her success could be measured by the number of orders coming in from all parts of Canada, she emphasizes that her craft continues to be a calming and relaxing process. 

To contact Chelsey, or to see more of her work, visit Rustic Sparkle Designs on Instagram and Facebook.

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