Certified For Business

Certified For Business

Colin Côté is not your regular hot tub and pool service agent. Fortunately for the hundreds of spa and pool owners in the region, Colin has the experience and qualifications, including power engineering, several trade certifications, and industry training to repair and maintain all aspects of your pool or spa. As the owner of Lac La Biche’s Certified Pool & Spa Service, he has seen pretty much every possible maintenance issue and repair situation.  

Certified Pool & Spa Service

Colin Côté, owner of Certified Pool & Spa Service and Certified Services

A Passion For Service

Colin was a successful spa dealer in the Calgary area, with several locations. When he sold his business and returned to Lac La Biche more than 12 years ago, he decided to focus on the maintenance and repair side of the industry rather than sales. Given that hot tubs are comprised of high voltage components, hot water, and multiple chemicals when something goes wrong, it isn’t always something that a spa owner can typically repair on their own. This is where Colin’s Certified Pool & Spa makes a big difference to the region.


Hot tubs are used for both recreation and therapy. Some owners use them in winter or summer, but many keep them in use all year round. And while mid-summer tends to be a bit slower for Certified, business is always steady. “The past couple of years with folks unable to travel due to covid restrictions, the spa and pool business was tremendous,” says Côté. He points out that many of his customers request his services for seasonal start-ups, while other clients who have not kept up with their spa maintenance require his services for much more extensive repairs. During the colder months, repairs are typically more of an “emergency” because the risk of freezing results in much higher repair costs.

While Colin has used traditional media like newspapers and radio for marketing, he finds that the best advertising is through client referral. “For some reason, people with hot tubs know other people with hot tubs, says Côté. Word-of-mouth drives the majority of my business.”

Parts And Supplies Available Locally

Another essential part of the business is supplying a variety of filters, chemicals, and accessories required by pool and spa owners. Certified Pool and Spa Service makes these consumables available to the region without travelling to the city or waiting for online shipments. 

Certified Services

While the pool and spa business is always a going concern, it isn’t Colin Côté’s only iron in the fire. His other company, Certified Services, provides a critical service in the Lac La Biche region when flood damage requires clean-up or repair.

As a certified water damage restoration technician, Côté provides expert advice and services to local contractors, building owners, and insurance companies when inspection or restoration is required. From dehumidifiers to odour control, Certified Services has the equipment and expertise you need when you need it the most and can be on-site quickly when water threatens your home or facility. Colin points out that most of his water damage calls entail basements, but he does contract additional staff or services for larger jobs as required.

Shopping Local Makes Sense

He advises all shoppers of products or services to check out what is available at home before looking elsewhere. “Shopping locally not only supports small businesses, it often does so at a lower cost than could be found elsewhere.” “For many small jobs, it is much cheaper to get the services provided locally than to bring a crew and equipment from Edmonton,” says Côté.

For more information about Certified Services or Certified Pool & Spa Service, contact Colin at
(780) 623-9742.

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