Technology permitting, it’s easy to connect, but hard to get the attention of people in this new Zoom world. There are simply too many options and we’re all likely suffering burnout. Nobody can pay attention to everything they want to, let alone should. So when there is something local that people should hear about it makes the job difficult. What am I talking about? Community initiatives are a great example. 

Everyone has priorities, but…

 I am currently working on no less than four major projects to support our local community, region, and province, but it’s hard to reach people right now, even when we create something that answers our needs. Given the current situation, I don’t blame anyone for having other priorities, but it did cause me to ask myself, “What can we do to get people’s attention?”


A common enemy always brings people together, but there are plenty of those around (COVID being one), and I don’t particularly want to write about that. I want to stay positive, so what else could we use as a focal point for our community? What about a “World’s Largest”? Vegreville has its Easter Egg, Glendon has its Giant Perogy. So why don’t we get Lac La Biche County “on the map”? 

Let’s break a record

 I, therefore, cast the very first vote for the world’s largest pelican. Why? Because when I moved here, I just couldn’t believe that a bird that I associate with Florida and Finding Nemo would be found in our back yard, let alone flourishing in this northern land. It is unique. It is memorable, and, well, it is a funny word. 

So, entertain me for a minute. If building the world’s largest pelican is what we might choose, I did some quick research. It would have to be taller than 15 ½ feet because that’s the size of the current record holder in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota. Could we do it? I know we can. I suspect that we have enough welders and heavy-duty machine shops, volunteers, and skilled labour available to craft a frame in short order. Beyond that, we should be creative, unique and have some fun with it. Make it something people would like to take their picture beside. Or somehow make it interactive or hands-on? There are lots of options. Would the community be inspired, motivated and would it bring us together more? I’m not sure, but it would be nice to have a common goal. 

 Oh, and if you have time, explore the rest of our newest local initiative: 

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